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Zakład wylęgowy BOLEMIN
We attach great importance to the highest quality at every stage of production.
Poultry processing plant in Bolemin has many years of experience and tradition in poultry industry. We specialize in production and export of POLISH GEESE FED WITH OAT.

Our plant is equipped with a technological line meeting the EU standards and placed on the Chief Veterinary Officer's List as a company having EU eligibilities (nr PL 08013907WE).

Economic activity of the company is developing on several related stages of production, constantly monitored and supervised by our qualified staff to ensure customers the highest quality products.

The fundamental emphasis on ensuring product safety is realized through:
  • Improvement of the plant's HACCP quality system,
  • Ensuring continuous efforts providing highest quality and safety through the implementation and certification of new quality systems, e.g. implementation of the International Food Standard IFS in 2010,
  • Comprehensive involvement of our staff on every level of the company,
  • Providing resources for food quality and safety by developing technical skills, raising awareness through trainings and constant motivation to strive for excellence,
  • Ensuring that suppliers and contractors respect the obligations relating to food quality and safety and monitoring of incoming raw materials services through supervision and revisions.
  • Providing resources of raw material from our own farm and its systematic enlargement in the total production.
  • Investment in infrastructure and modern technology.

We produce poultry meat complying with legal requirements of the EU and countries outside EU, where we export our products.

In our company we have a full integration of the production, which allows us to identification and control products at every stage of its manufacture - Traceability.

Bearing in mind responsibility towards environment, we strive to ensure that our activities are carried out by every standard and environmental requirement. The employees of our plant are regularly trained and instructed in the field of food safety standards.

The entire production process is continuously supervised by the independent State Veterinary Inspection represented by the District Veterinary Officer, what guarantees the highest quality of our products.

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