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Goose drumsticks with apples and plum sauce...
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Goose with plums and celery...
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Malayan goose...
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Zakład wylęgowy BOLEMIN
Geese are not live-plucked
Our company makes every effort that geese we offer were not plucked. Close dialogue and cooperation with geese breeders guarantee us that this kind of activities are not practised.

Geese are not force-fattened
This practice was discontinued by Poland and 13 other European countries many years ago. We fully support this ban and we stand for spreading it across the countries, where such practice is still applied.

Product quality program "5PL"
To make our clients aware of the origin of our products, we have implemented in 2012 program "5PL"

1PL Geese eggs acquired from Polish lying geese producers.
2PL Goslings produced in Polish hatchery
3PL Geese reared on farms in Poland
4PL Cereals bought in Poland

Each of the criteria are objectively, regularly checked and assessed by an external and internal audit to ensure our customers product line with expectations and tag it "5PL"

Safe purchase
To exclude suppliers who possibly could not apply to our quality policy, we make external purchases only when Quality Department is able to fully verify potential provider. It is necessary to prove accordance with our quality standards, full recognition of origin, animal welfare. To exclude any abuse we limit only purchase geese on a domestic market.

Confidence and transparency
We ensure safe purchases and transparency by cooperating with authorities in the field of product quality and animal welfare. Our customers always have the opportunity to familiarize with our good practices.
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